Welcome, international Papergirls!

Yesterday the Papergirl Berlin Team finally welcomed our eagerly awaited Papergirl Festival guests! So please say hi to Bianca, Bodgan, Andreea, and Octavia from Bucharest, Laura, Janice, and Laura from Manchester, Marcii from Cape Town, and of course Sina from Albany, New York who had already been a resident of Berlin before. We are so looking forward to hanging out more with these lovely people. If you want to meet them as well and pelt them with questions about Papergirl worldwide, we recommend attending our great discussion about art in public space tomorrow at the Neurotitan, and if you think that this is too much hotness to take – don’t worry we even have cooling fans!

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Anne | 14.07.2010, 13:13 Uhr


5 Kommentare

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  1. Ale
    14.07.2010 um 13:13 Uhr

    Nice to see you all paper girls!

  2. Sandra W.
    14.07.2010 um 13:13 Uhr

    On this blog is lots of news and info, photos, etc. on Papergirl organization and organizors. More information, photos, etc. on the Artists, please.

  3. Anne
    15.07.2010 um 13:13 Uhr

    Sandra, please feel free to browse through the submissions: http://papergirl-berlin.de/beitrage – most artists have a website/blog etc. that you can check out and you can always find this info below each artwork.

    You have to see that there are just too many of them and we cannot find the time to introduce every single one of them to our blog readers.

  4. [...] introduce us to their very own project which they started in their home cities. Our guests are from England (Manchester), Romania (Bucharest), South Africa (Cape Town), and the USA (Albany, NY), and will provide insight into what drove them to start Papergirl, and which problems they had to [...]

  5. [...] war es nicht erst gestern, dass wir die Ausstellung zur 5. Ausgabe von Papergirl eröffneten, wir neue Freunde aus der ganzen Welt fanden und schließlich die großartige Zahl von 584 prall gefüllte Kunstrollen an mal mehr und [...]



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