The art of giving art

Foto: Anne Wizorek

How can we make art accessible to everyone, and is this even a desirable goal? Isn’t there a risk for artworks of becoming random and falling in value? Or should one always overcome conventions in order to break new ground?

The contradictions regarding art are easily perceptible and especially art in public is often confronted with not only admirers but also with harsh criticism. Therefore our event “The art of giving art” wants to discuss possibilities and boundaries of art in public as a part of the Papergirl festival.

We will start with the Papergirl project itself by letting international Papergirl initiators introduce us to their very own project which they started in their home cities. Our guests are from England (Manchester), Romania (Bucharest), South Africa (Cape Town), and the USA (Albany, NY), and will provide insight into what drove them to start Papergirl, and which problems they had to overcome. This will be the basis for a further debate on an international scale.

For this purpose we also invited guests working in different cultural fields and therefore having various connections and experiences with art and its occurrence in public spaces: Juliane Breternitz is a cultural worker, Stéphane Bauer is a curator and head of the art space Bethanien in Kreuzberg, Lukas Feireiss is a curator as well and provides his expertise in public art for the Gestalten publishing company, Katharina Becker is a professional designer who also represents the Papergirl Berlin team in the discussion, and Marc Scherer owns the ATM gallery in Berlin and is furthermore an artist himself.

Is art in public spaces still a modern way of expression considering the digital age that we’re living in? Can this kind of art be provoking any longer now that it has been adopted so heavily by advertising? Or have we already reached an oversaturation?

In collaboration with the Papergirl visitors we will discuss the current status of artistic methods in public spaces, and moreover we will sketch visions of future developments. You are cordially invited to be our guests at this great event and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

The art of giving art – Possibilities and boundaries of Urban Art in Discussion

Neurotitan gallery
Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin

Start: 6pm
The event will be hosted by Mark Butler and is held in English language.
Admission is free.

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